Skansen of Nowy Sacz

roofs of the church: walls in boarding wood and roof in shingles

The Skansen of Nowy Sacz (Poland),
expose the rural architecture of the area of small Poland (Malopolska).


When I presented myself at the skansen of Nowy Sacz, the case was closed and as it was 1 p.m., the employee was to have gone to eat. It is what I thought. As the passage was opened, I started my visit. At this hour there, I met only of the personnel of maintenance, which I greeted in the passing: not other visitor. I flanné during two good hours, am delayed to me in front of each building, am observed the details of construction, taken these photographs... With the return, always nobody with the case. I succeeded in finding somebody to explain to him that I wanted to pay. It answered me: "Today is monday, and monday the museum is closed".

Real? So, thank you very much!

dwelling house covered with wood shingles

 dwelling house and its kiosk

decorated barn

entry in the court of the church


detail of pinion


large building of farm

detail of door of sheep-fold


Dwellings of Tziganes- Kitchen utensils hung with a cord, less looked after constructions, materials of recovery, a certain nonchalance is guessed

thatch covered building with wood limed walls

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