On the Quercy Plateau


The Quercy Plateau is also a land of welcome for construction of zomes    

There I have pleasure to find this small zome, ancestor of the line of the zomes in France.
He was 25 years these days

He is occasionally inhabited by the son of the one of the manufacturers of the Quercy.
Place at the young people.

 Zome of Pierrette and her barn with dormitory of summer on the floor

Pierrot the old one, one of the first constructors of this area, preferes the zomes.
But it triturates them so much, or it embeds them in the additions, that they not seem no more the pure crystals.

This one, in the course of deshabitation, sees its top deformed in strange chimney.

This other with bricks height of stage for the walls is in the course of completion.

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