You can follow the construction of a zome


Destination: a personal space for 2 teenagers, with part common and 2 rooms on the floor
Type of zome: zome 4 with median zone
Beginning of the building site: at the end of April, at the beginning of May
Means: self-help housing with simple tools and human energy

At the end of 2003: interior installation
: external preparing
August 8-11
: preparation and assembly of the roof
July 12-13
: assembly of the walls top
July 10-12
: assembly of the walls of bottom
: installation of the ground
assembly of the panels (end)
May 1-3: beginning of the building site
April 2003
: plans and landscape insertion


Price of materials




 Price (euro)
Triply  Merchant of panels        2,87 € HT en 10 mm
4,31 HT en 15 mm
 Wood for structure  Sawmill  2,57 m3   Douglas pine 1238,30
  Stones, gravel,    29 tons     473
Concrete.    5 m3     674
 Concrete, insulation         531,60
 Windows Merchant  1 bay + 6 w  Double glazing  1773
 Cover(shingle)       987
 Boading (red cedar)         2159
 Hardware and various         67,60



Duration of the work

 Date  Work  Time in hours.person
 1-3 Mai / 8-10 May   Cut out stucture and assembly of the panels of walls   90h
 June  Installation of the ground   58 h
 10-13 Juily  Assembly walls   92 h
 August   Heating floor realization   14 h
 8-11 August  Assembly of the roof  208 h
 Août- September   Boarding and treatmen   80 h
 September  Covert   72 h


 614 h

Approximate assessment

The zome is now out of water and of air, there remains the insulation, the preparing and interior installation, the élec and plumbing, etc... work which will continue according to the serviceable time but one can estimate that for the expenditure and the working time, half was carried out.

If there existed in a shop, this space of more than 54 m2 of floors would cost approximately 50 000 ¤, that is to say 25 000 ¤ for half. It cost approximately 10 000 ¤ (one can add to the expenditure various expenses, displacements for the purchase of materials for example). The economy of the self-help housing is thus 15 000 ¤ . The working time representing 4 months at 35 hours per week, this corresponds to annual wages of 45 000 ¤. Not badly. This to confirm the prediction of Micmacher: "the year without wages that you pass to build your house may be the year best paid in your life!"


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