On the Quercy plateau


One will meet also two domes on causse
each one having its charm
and its technical originality.

It is a mushroom of the kind " Boletus " who pushed there under the trees, a cupola posed on vertical walls, a sweet small home.

The structure of the cupola is simpler: amounts which radiate since the node by breaking up the half-sphere into " orange sections ".
How to carry out curved amounts? While taking as a starting point Philibert Delorme. An assembly sandwich of boards low length, recut here in their width while following the radius of curvature

A pebble central pillar
supports the structure of the floor
Not far from there, less intimist and more spectacular we can see a geodesic dome of almost 12 meters in diameter than his inhabitant and constructor would not exchange for another model.
A light and air structure of wood weaves its rhythm on the sky.
A single space bubble.
A linen (bidim) fastened on the outside and a polyurethane projection form the insulating and tight hull. Foam created a decoration marbled inside, nothing to add.
A large arc of circle of double glazings is spread for the sight of the landscape.
For Jean-Michel geodesic is a statically the best and fast architecture to build. But his job leaving him only little time, this dome was worked out from time to time, it is always in installation.

One likes or one does not like

The top of the dome was raised. Carried by a central pillar, like a metal hand in offering, a small room above the trees opens on the sky.
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