Zome vu de l'Est

Zome of D'jeff

Vue du nord
Sight of East Sight of North.
Double zome prefabricated in workshop by Jean and Of jeff then gone up on the site before being covered with batten for the walls and shingles of red cedar on the roofs.
The interior of large the zome is a great open space with zenith lighting opening for the ventilation of summer.
The second zome is divided into more functional spaces.
interieur jusqu'au zenith detail vue interieure vers les vitrages
Interior sight of the zome 8 Interior sight of the zome 8 since the mezzannine
l'habitant vue du sud-ouest

D'jeff lives here with his daughter since ten years

Sight of South-West
"Another thing, much sadder. My friend Jean Olivier died at the beginning of August, following a fall of his barge in the dry hold." D'jeff    

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