A small house umbrella

Its structure resembles that of an umbrella, its form with that of an yurt

It was carried out by two neighbors on the ground of the one of them, like experimentation of a small habitat economic and easily constructible, simple and comfortable, which could be sufficient for a person alone or a couple without child

  A hexagonal flagstone with a post of telephone drawn up with each angle and a central post a little higher. Twelve wood frameworks form the structure of the walls (two in each side). Twelve breakdowns leave the central post and are fixed on the posts of angle and the center on the sides: here is for the structure of the overflowing, battened and covered roof of shingles asphaltés.The walls are composed of plates of fibralithe for a good fixing of the rough coats and which are also used as formwork external lost for a concrete of hemp (proceeded canosmose) of 20 cm.

  The hexagon is divided into three: 1/3 for space kitchen-meal, 1/3 for the room and a small bathroom (shower, WC), 1/3 for an external terrace which could be glazed and to be used as greenhouse-living room according to the climate especially if these glazings can largely open or removed in summer.

The autoconstruit unit cost in the 8000 euros.




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