To build simplest of the domes

You are tried by round architecture and the domes in particular.
You suspect that it is not so easy only that.
Then let us start by reassuring itself: the theory and the philisophie, it will be for later.
We attack the practice, the construction of a dome very little expensive, light, rapid to be realized and nevertheless usable and beautiful.

What you need: nothing more common

  The material
* 16 splice plates drink of them 2,40 m length 6/40
* 31 bolts and nuts of 6/20 and 1 of 6/30
* 32 broad discs of 6

* a drilling machine with auger of 6 or 7
* a saw


  To take 4 amounts (splice plates)(A), to bore in the center of the width
-1 hole with semi-length (1,20 m of each end)
-3 holes at each end, to 2, 5 and 8 cm of the end

To take 4 other (B) amounts, to bore
- 1 hole with semi-length
- 3 holes at an end, to 2, 5 and 8 cm of the end
- 1 only hole with the other, 5 cm of the end
- to remove with the saw 3 cm with this end

To take the last 8 amounts (C), to bore
- 2 holes at an end, 2 and 8 cm of the end
- 1 hole to 81,5 cm of this end
- 1 only hole with the other, 5 cm of the end
- to remove with the saw 3 cm with this end


To bolt the 4 (A) between them with 2 bolts (fig 1) with the continuation ones of the others
To curve to form a circle and to bolt (fig 2)

To bolt in the same way the amounts (B) two to two
To fix each end in the free hole at the base (fig 3)
To bolt at the top with the bolt of 30 (fig 4)
One obtains two 1/2 circles in cross rising base (figure 5)


To fix 2 (C) amounts at each hole remaining at the base and to incline them (fig 6)
To put a bolt in the intermediate holes and to pass it in the center amounts forming the cross (fig 7)
Finally to connect these amounts between them by 2 bolts as to the fig 1


One carried out a spherical geodetic dome (1/2 sphere) 3,25 m in diameter approximately and half in height, resulting from octahedral frequency 2.

The dome is completed
It was assembled here in my zome but it would be as well on the lawn

I used a covered similar structure of an adapted fabric as tries roomy when I followed the festivals of music (a little cumbersome for transport)
The remainder of time it was used as decorations or stimulated the growth of the plants of the garden.

It is also pleasant a sweat lodge if you practise the inipi and could be the structure of a hut with habiller.(tressage of flexible branches for example).  

fig 1                                               fig 2
                 fig 3                                              fig 4
fig 5
            fig 6                                              fig 7

on this same principle but with geometry hardly more complex


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