Meetings self-help housing

21 to April 23, 2001
in Eychenat (09)

Organization: Long Cape association
To defer Sunday and webmaster: Jeannot
DEBATES on topics and building site in parallel:
to build a hopper for the room which shelters us starting from rough materials and work with tools à hand
Saturday 21: it snows, history to recall that one is in mountain
The building site hesitates
Place at the debates:

* Sylvie Baudon and Manu say all to us on the bio lagunage and the adapted plants
* the point on the toilets dry
* water, to collect it, draw it, recover it

Sunday 22: finally a sunbeam, they is cooler, one can see the landscape
the cars find their place with difficulty

The building site turns to the good mode
traçage et sciage

Work with the adze to square the wood balls and Jean-Claude who tests the slicer guide that it has just manufactured


* Regulation, legislation animated by Lawyers Solidarity, Jean Decygne, Jean Claude Mass
* Solar thermics: heating floors, domestic hot water, archi bioclimatic with Didier Bourrut and Patrick Chamollet
* Raw ground: pisé, adobe, cob, ground-straw by Peter Lorien
* Insulators and hemp by Bruno Lumino

The building has advanced, the clouds too
Now it really rains
It is the moment to arrange the tools

Monday 23:
with the program: exchanges and end of building site
it still rains in the morning

These days have good interested party numbers people,
especially néo-rural inhabitants of medium mountains
Association theory and practical is profitable for the self-training.
Occasion of rich exchanges and various contacts
User-friendliness and good mood
To follow....


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