Espigueiros of Portugal




The region of the North of Portugal, Minho, has also the hórreos which here are called espigueiros. This people of Celtic origin is a cousin of that of Galice.
Also as we are found espigueiros similar to those more in the North spread near farms, and some models original as these two examples with walls slightly oblique.

But the most remarkable are in the villages of the zone which lines Galicia, quite granite espigueiros (locally named caniços) regrouped on the emergence of rocky paving stones serving of threshing floor.


 Two espigueiros of various type side by side



The set of Lindoso is the grandest and the most known because not containing less than 53 espigueiros gathered under the protection of a castle

But one can prefer Soajo's site which regroups 25 hórreos, more some scattered in the village,
amounted to the sun and under the wind above the village, on a bare granite paving stone, with a perfect work of the stone adjusted exactly, an architectural bulk and a perfect state of conservation,

everything vibrates there of a deep force.