The roundwood house of Tatras


If in the countryside of Poland, and a little less as Slovakia, there remains a wood architecture which tends today to disappear, around the solid mass of Tatras, on the other hand, of the beautiful and typified houses always abound and are built with this material and, in spite of different needs for space, in the respect of the architectural character of the area.

One can think that in the beginning, the house of the farmers of Tatras was only this simple volume: a base of rollers tagainst the moisture of the ground, tree trunks posed horizontally for the walls, an inclined roof covered of shingles of larch or spruce, a good overflow of roof and a resumption of roof to shelter the pinion.

A simple space surmounted of an attic ventilated by small openings, the style of Tatras.

 Door and glazings in frontage and more rarely in the pinion in the villages where the houses are tightened

Protection of the opening of the pinion in a Slovak village



 A small projecting roof makes it possible to create an entry by sheltering the door

  A part was created on the floor (glazings of the pinion)

 The dimension of the added roof gives more livable space on the floor




  Recent houses: larger volumes with always the concern of sheltering the glazings; the shingle of roof, although still used, is often replaced by metal







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