a transylvanian village

An agricultural village inhabited by Hungarians, the main minority of Rumania, village buried in the greenery, without particular charm except that it was given to me to spend some days there by visiting in the region and by detailing its organization.

I accommodated in this small house of the aunt Rozsiha.
In the cemetery, the space is full with the vineyard, the wild or transplanted flowers, the fruiterers, some rows of carrots or onions cultivated on the ground of graves, the deaths serve the life.  
 Houses align themselves along roads, exposing their front wall , or dispercent in the greenery, accompanied with a kitchen garden and with a farmyard. Often the roof is divided into halves in pagoda, the style of the region. In end of village, the houses of the Gypsies translate their poverty...

Around the village, they are fields, the cultures of corn, sunflower, onions, potatoes, the meadows.
And farther still, the moor in border of forest, where the herdsman keeps(guards) goats and sheeps, helped by his dogs equipped with an iron necklace with striking points to defend the herd against wolves.
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