The architecture of haystacks



To raise a haystack has some connections with the construction of a building: we have to obtain its statics in the forces of gravity, or those of the wind, assure that the rain not penetrates inside, to realize a shape which gets a maximum of volume for a weak surface of envelope. An important difference: contrary to the building, a haystack is not hollow, although...

Structured haystack

     The sopron ( chopron ), the typical hayloft of Maramures, with its roof in four sides, can be raised or lowered along four posts according to the quantity of hay to be covered.
We find it in Bucovine but with a roof in two sides the North of Slovakia, the hay is spread over a structure tripode by arranging a hollow passage at ground level, the haystack thus looks like a tent or child's hut.
Because every region possesses its appropriate style in the construction of haystack and the stocking of the hay.

High conical haystack in Poland around a picket of wood crossed by bars


Profusion of haystacks in the landscapes of Maramures
In fact, there are two sorts of haystacks: those built for some days, the time which the hay dries, protected from the humidity of the ground

Hay spread on horizontal bars (as of the linen)
Haystacks like dômes

Pickets (haystack skeleton), in the yard of this house: young trunks with departures of branches
and the big haystacks of stocking, food of the winter.
Short-lived and involuntary land art, which builds and of desunit with the climate and the seasons, the changeable life of the Rumanian country.


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