The merry cemetery of Sapînta









Ioan Stan Patras lui-même au centre, l'artiste de ce cimetière ? mais plusieurs tombes portent ce nom


 During forty years, Ioan Stan Patras (1909-1977) designed, carved in oak and painted the steles of the tombs of the cemetery of its village, Sapînta, expressing in this naïve art cararteristic the late ones, their trades or principal activities but also their qualities or their defects. One meets there the shepherds, the farmers, the domestic activities of the men and of the women, the soldier died in the war, those which had taste for the music, for alcohol, the woman who loved several men, the inaccurate husband, the small girl crushed by a truck, the robber of horses... the epitaph which the artist joined to each person, short and sometimes humorous, announces the great moments of the life, the hopes or the desillusions.

Thus, in these colors where dominates major blue, the single and flowered cemetery of Sapînta exposes the multiple activities of this human community of the far northern of Romania and exhalte the life rather than death.

The work of Stan Patras is continued today by Dimitru Pop, one of its pupils.

 this one was architect

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