Huts of fishermen

Abundant formerly throughout the coast of Languedoc-Roussillon, these huts of fishermen disappeared in the Seventies, a little by the abandonment of traditional fishing and much by the tourist concreting impelled in these years there. I had the surprise to find some of them preserved well near the pond of Canet (66). Walls and roofs consist of only one materials: the reed which pushes in all the coastal ponds of this area. Is this the same one as the reed known as "of the Camargue" which is still exploited to cover the modern thatched roofs?


  Each hut is surrounded of a small closed enclosure (even material) and is useful (was useful?) to garage the fishing tackle.

Some are equipped with a chimney and were thus useful for long moments

They are directed by presenting the small side at the dominant winds and only one of the batch has this curved pinion (cf on the right), which was enough frequent before


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