It is its name ZAPOCHE

' an ear towards the ground, an eye towards the sky, a belly for the sun'

the most complex dome and most insane that I built and lived.
Despite everything Zomes that I could attend thereafter, never I did not find a space with this intensity of vibrations.
All those which visited it could feel it.
Hung at the top of a strong slope, one could believe oneself in the orders of a vessel spacial
One would have seen passing from extraterrestrial in his glazing to variable geometry which one would not have been surprised.
Height was reached when the bed was found on a platform hung by cables with the structure and floating in the medium of space... the dreams agreed to its deep breathing.

This dome was especially an amplifier of energy in all its forms, known and unknown.
To speak only about the objective phenomena:
- the vibrations of this dome let to us at the beginning sleep only 3 or 4 hours per night, without tiredness: it was necessary to be accustomed.
- One could feel there the least earthquake, unperceivable elsewhere, a deaf person overall vibration. Or by dry ground to perceive the steps of a walker hundred away meters.
- Several times, per stormy weather, a ball of fire exploded in the medium of space, without damage.
- For heat and the cold, one lived with amplitudes of 20 degrees c between day and night, or of 50 degrees c between summer and winter; but with his sensitivity to the solar radiation one observed rises of temperature of 10 degrees c in fifteen minutes to the sunrise.
- Another odd effect: into one year, the vegetation of the meadow surrounding the dome had changed, on a very visible circle (rather an ellipse)

Type of dome
3 frequency geodetic drawn bar on
the golden section according to a tilted axis
- 5/8 e of ellipsoide -

 This dome does not exist any more: with a way of living also intense and contrasted, it could not last a long time. Also let us immortalisons it by the Web.

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