The ZOME of Roger and Claudine

ensemble des deux zomes et de l'espace de liaison
interieur du grand zome The house of Roger and Claudine: a zome 8 of 9 m in diameter, common part and room of the parents in mezzannine, a zome 6 for the rooms of the children, and a connection by a space baths, WC, arrangement...
The heating is ensured by a direct solar floor (sensors in roof) and. a chimney.
la cheminee en octogone la mezzannine
Interior sight of the zome 8 The chimney and the doubling of the walls
by adobe bricks
The mezzannine under glazed star
chambre d'enfant
vue en ete'

With the nearest birth of a fifth child,
Roger and Claudine consider the construction of one
other zome separated from this unit and which would be useful
rooms for the two larger children.
A chid room Summer sight  

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