The summer camp of Standing Horse

in the Monchique mountain (Portugal)


 Devant la montée du coboyisme bushien
Je m'indigne comme un Indien
Je me hérisse comme un chat devant un chien
Je me Hendrix par l'hymne américain
Je me Abel à cause de Caïn
Je me réfère au commencement pour comprendre la fin
Mais il m'arrive d'avoir peur de rien
Ce qui nous attend comme ultime destin
Sous les bombardements des assassins
Le mitraillage des fantassins
Décidément je reste Indien
Et je me dresse comme un poulain
Le fils d'une jument et d'un humain
Contre ceux qui font couler le sang de la veuve et de l'orphelin
En ces temps incertains
Il semble que la loi du plus fort soit celle du Malin
La pratique des armes de destruction massive n'ayant rien à voir avec le divin
Et l'orgueil de Mr Bush nous en fait tous témoins
Il faut d'urgence retrouver le bon chemin
Celui de l'Amour, di Vrai, du Beau et du Bien

Un Cheval Debout qui revient

(a letter of Standing Horse)

I vaguely have just mentioned the Bush problem, this wart which scrapes me the back. The tyrannical form of determination that the king of the amerloks imposes to us seems fortunately the top of the limits of this pride imperialist who plays by all the average ones against the virtues of kindness, beauty, truth; this man incarnates the responsibility for worse of all. With its advantage or its discharge, it is only the large one representing infamy that one imposes to us like History, under pretext of evolution. As Bush, everyone is guilty. In reality, innumerable billion dollars flarings in the lunatic invasion of Iraq, heart of the East, therefore this money couldn't have been used for for helps? In truth which request people: bombs or bread? the Lord of the Pirates, to see the state of his people, imposes to us discrimination between the good and the bad pirates. Like a friend of long date said, that which never sinned throws the first stone, and also the sin against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Offensive of coalition in Iraq last year, approximately a hundred and thousand dead. It was necessary to pacify by force and only Bush and her English girlfriend had the first courage to go up to the attack of the fortress oil arabo-terrorist, the Babylon antique. Perhaps history of the snake which bites the tail... by the bushe. I saw this man in photograph and in tv, occasionally, I will not say that I preferred the look of Ben laden, but it represents the sum of that of which Astérix had horror. Crazy Horse too.

Such an amount of worse for them, the pirates put fire at the powders on their own ship even filled with spoils.

My friend said to me: We all are responsible for all and especially smaller than oneself, the snail not to be crushed for example. Or the child not to be hidden under the debris of our bombardments. One compared the fanaticism of Bush with that of Hitler, though this particular case is not that the continuity of the period known as historical, my friend said to me: Before Abraham was, I was.

At the time when I write in my tipi, my Isabelle daughter arrives on her small ass. Joy in life. During this time, that do make the small poor in the cities, colleges, surrounded of invisible and invincible barbed wires directly connected to tv? A tear runs me left eye, that of the heart, while despairing of an unspecified progress while my right eye sees that we are infinitely far from a lost paradise and to find. The existence is only one draught, provided that it is well scented, that the wind takes us along and distributes our pollen in a swirl of abundance, that us will return to the centuple the Master of the Danse.








Standing Horse and Autumn Song

  Between piracy and terrorism, there is perhaps a light under the debris which lets blow a song of life, the murmur of an old voice and always news, that of a truth which comes and which calls us in spite of the billion tons of reinforced concrete with which we want to crush it and finish some with a future which is already exceeded. However the present will keep the last word, because what was at the beginning will be at the end.

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