What is a Zome?

It is a concept which comes us from the United States in the Sixties. This building entirely drink some joining together the zonaèdre and the dome integrates the forms of the life.

Built on a basis of geometrical volumes in agreement with the dor number, it generates waves of forms.

We chose the zome at eight sides for its Octogonale configuration. It is the symbol of the cosmic balance to which that of infinite is added and of the mediation between the ground and the sky...

One finds this same figure in the symbol of the wheel of the Buddhist law and the Celtic round slice.

In agreement with the echo of Brocéliande, it makes it possible to be in harmonic resonance with our environment and to raise our vibratory state.

To share this space privileged with you, we decided to build this zome there.

Thank you for your visit


One can rent this zome for seminars, conferences, training courses...Visit their site


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