Wooden shingles in the Carpathian Mountains

Settled in these regions afforested, the man knew how to use the resources of this environment for his tools and his constructions, in particular to insure the waterproofness of the roofs of his environment and that of his pets.

The local shingles (shita in Rumanian) and its installation are particular in these regions: of fine small strips of spruce or larch, in bevel on the direction of the width (due to the radial cut of the wooden section), and put in side and longitudinal covering.



Poland: wooden shingls possess a groove along the most thick side into which comes to finest side of the following shingle so that shingleses stay well in place
   Rumania: shingles are put in side covering, a nail maintaining the connection between two adjoining shingles. The extremity of shingles is generally cut in whistle, on the whole roof or only on the first row of shingles in the lower limit, what gives a particular aesthetics to these roofs. This is especially spectacular on wooden churches, sharpness of shingles marrying fish bones and tie up them

Autobuilder ending the coverage of its roof: he made shingles 80 cms in length and nailed them on lates of bottom at the top by rows to be able to continue to rise on the roof without sliding. He here is cutting the extremity of his last wood with a hatchet      

According to the quality of the wood, shingles can have between 60 cms and 1,20 m of length as here ( included covering)
These huts realized as rooms for turism have more unrefined shingles put in double coat
The coverage of shingles is general in the rural group settlement of the mountains of Rumania

Ornamental roof of a portal of entry

Small decorated shingles giving relieve to the walls of houses (sometimes painted)

Old shingles on a house

Shingles of the old wooden churches ( several centuries) were been changed several times I think


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