To insulate with wool from sheep


The wool of sheep like ecological insulator
The sheep once mowed, the wool is cleaned, washed, carded, chemically treated against the insects, is worked and finally marketed in the form of judicious rollers to replace those of mineral wool which scrape with the installation and whose fibres penetrate our lungs.
Add there an ecological nameand you have a dissuasive price

Let us begin again

Let us look at the animals in summer: the horses, the cows are invaded flies, the goats, the sheep, nota sign. The goats one leaves them their peeling, at least in our areas, the sheep are mowed in spring, an odorous wool and it is what pushes back the insects those which adore to be nourished of well washed wool or of the frames of the houses. This wool which nowadays is not used any more for large thing and which such which without another treatment will be used as insulator in bulk. Is it can be less powerful than the carded wool, one thus puts of it a layer a little thicker. In the stockbreeder, his price is low. With 5 kilos/m2 one has a good insulation, that is to say a price 10 times less than the preceding solution.

An ecological character is defined initially by the choice of the shortest way.


What would make hesitate?

Odor? It aténue with time and setting behind a panel or a plaster, separated from the interior, one does not feel it.

Rodents? I had the occasion to dismount roofs isolated from various materials: polystyrene was full with holes,mineral wools full of galleries, the wool of sheep: nothing the whole. And I met other people having had same experience. The odor would thus push back dormice and mice.

And do not believe that it will rot or to degrade itself.

I let to you conclude and test.

Test of wool fixing in bulk on a wall with wooden framework

In top by a net of crop protection (garden-centers), bellow by road stripes of building site (material merchants, 30 cm broad rollers). This last solution will be adopted bus requiring less handling and practicable by a person alone.


5 to 5,5 kg/m2 out of 10 cm thickness

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