Painted houses of Zalipie

Old house with wooden walls

Woman of Zalipie in front of one of her decorations
Until where a competition between women can go! Traditionally, the wood walls of the houses were bleached with lime in spring and the women did this work. Towards the end of the 19th century, some added color; the others wanted to better do.
And better and better, the houses were decorated with rosettes, bouquets, primarily floral reasons, and this tradition remains, even if the wood walls become rare. The men would have perhaps made the war, the women made flowers.
The village of Zalipie is single in Poland. And the inhabitants of most accessible for whom comes to admire their houses.




 Des motifs floraux ornent les murs extérieurs et intérieurs des maisons et des dépendances, le puits, la niche du chien et même le crucifix en bord de route






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