A fantastic construction in Catalonia

Its passion lasts since always: to arrange, invent, build, with branches, recovered materials, all things.

Josep Pujiula I Vila, " l'home de les cabanes ", builds here in Catalonia the most fantastic of the castles born of his imagination and his work, with humble materials of his environment: simple poles and branches dependent between them by nails or wire.
A colossal and air unit which wraps the trees and them submerges, a composition of paths, bridges, huts and towers which culminate with a few 25 meters height.
And why all of this ? A little for him, like play and sport, and much for the pleasure and enchantement of all those which come to visit him.
And as the area is tourist, they are numerous.
This is not only one imposing sculpture which one admires of outside but a facinating labyrinth in which one penetrates, one loses oneself in the transparency of the branches, one climbs, one turns, one discovers, one arrivess to huts where on can stay a moment, a bath of youth for the small ones and the large ones. Some steps out of time.
And it is free. Only one discrete box with a slit enables you to leave some money to encourage Josep in his work. And it is with pleasure that one gives for this anti-castle of beautiful to wood sleeping, these hours of browsing in a dream of Don Quichotte.
Improvised construction, spontanneous? Not completely when the access to the highest towers, the most beautiful sight on the unit and the surrounding countryside, are the result of the longest path and most complex, of tunnels which go until the bottom of the ravine, turn around construction, which climbs the stages gradually, where one does not cease going up and going down from the scales of branches and seeking the passage.
According to Josep, only a person on ten arrives to this nirvana; and others too intimidated do not even dare to enter there.
If you venture there with your young children, they will show you how to make and you will not be any more afraid from now on by seeing them thereafter climbing with a tree or a ladder    
This maravillous park is the result of a long still unfinished history.
Because he liked to bathe in the brook of "Can Sis Rals ", Josep for more than 20 years has gradually arranged this wooded place which does not belong to him, bringing animals, asses, goats, doves and other birds. Then their built shelters, and others for their food, then extraordinary huts, bridges of branches spanning the ravine... Discret at the beginning, this place then was known and visited, until becoming a natural reserve, a space of freedom where each one could come for its pleasure, the day, the night or some time, in contact with nature.
This was not without problem. So much of correct people took one day of relaxation there, this park soon became a quiet place for those which Josep, who did not live on and came to work there during the day, names the tribes of " passotes ", pastilleros ", " porreros ", " maquineros ", " rapats ", " ruteros ", " bacaleros ", which did not hesitate to break constructions to make fire, to carry what they liked, to fly of the animals and to disperse the others, attracted Guardia Civil and the animosity of people of the village.
After many complaints and complications, Josep buried his illusions and determined itself to dismount and burn the elements of this park.
But not completely, preserving a single hut bigger and higher than the tree which carries it, and from which it created this labyrinth by taking again the saw, the hammer and the clippers. Can one stop a river running?
Then if you return to Spain ,in Figueras near the french border, take towards the West in the direction of Olot on about thirty km, you cannot miss it, it is in edge of road.
To classify with the world inheritance of human construction! - if this existed. There is rather to fear that an administrative, securitary or different pretext, does not come to prohibit the interior visit of this fantastic and generous place. Then do not wait too much.
Time that the visitors visit,
the imperturbable manufacturer continues his construction

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