Our Lady de la Goutte

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Jean-Marie Piquemal, priest of countryside of the South of France, wanted to build a chapel to the Lady. Guided by its faith, it did not raise mountains, but collected stones. After its meeting with a mason, Corbi, it learned how to cut the stones, and to handle the trowel. Construction lasted of the years but finally the chapel was there.

As it was not enought for him, he continued to traverse the countryside, wood and the brooks, seeking beautiful stones, bigger, to draw up them around the chapel and to decorate it, in this area where other ancestors raised dolmens.

Its work inspired other artists and craftsmen who carried out stained glasses and sculptures of wood or metal. What produced this fantastic and original unit.
It would seem that only the limited place of this site of construction stoped the constructive enthusiasm of this cleaned credit. Jean-Marie Piquemal is always alive and will be able in spite of her age to cause you her chapel in Montardit (09- France).

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