Self-help housing at Costo Caoudo

25 years of occupation of the place and constructions made Costo Caoudo
The hut of Nanette and Damien with a more elaborate construction in progress
In fact the first dwelling put on the place: a roulotte now included in its
Imagine a material light, flexible, seals, resistant, insensitive with water and with the sun, gray on a face and reflectors on the other, which yields, cuts out easily with the scissors or the cutter, which one can nail, glue or stapler
a material which one can use for the sealing of his roof, to lead water, like solar reflectors, and for connections, details or decorations
and often free or very little expensive

I quoted
the offset plate
it was abundantly used in Costo and elsewhere...
and masked by wood


The hut of Robinson:
the Eighties with shakes of local manufacture
and years 2000

The workshop of work of wood:
a double zome 8

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