Den of the Badger

episode 1


Those which would like to understand the why how of this history without tail nor head and which moreover finishes badly can always read introduction


 The area in which I arrived was not more accessible: a climate contrasted, hot and dryness in summer, cold and misty in winter. Its forest? Bushes and trees relatively low dividing with the rock a not very deep ground. Covered with foam and lichens, the vestiges in ruin of a disappeared civilization emerged that and there, an age of the piled up stone.

I searched in all the holes, seeking the least trace than could have left badgers but without success: neither animal nor human attended more these refuges.



  Appeared to me suddenly, hidden in the ruins of a banal construction, a strange, single and unexpected form. Intended for which, what? Was this an imagination without a future, or on the contrary a sign of evolution?

"It will be necessary to follow the signs of the destiny" I intended to tell me a mouth depths.

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