In the sunny sides of the Pyrenees mountains

Because they were convenient to the agriculture and so to the life, the sunny sides of these mountains, were always strongly populated in our countries of moderate climate - but cooled by the height

With some massifs in front of the main chain, numerous zones of Pyrenees possess well exposed areas which the man has inhabited since the antiquity, doing agriculture and breeding.

Here these populations have built dense villages and scaterred other constructions in the height to practice of their agro-pastoral economy: barns and cowsheds to shelter the crowds, and sometimes accommodate the herdsman when the distance to the village was too large.

A barn, in front of mountains which mark in the South the border with Spain
After the strong drift from the land of the XX-th century, this abundance of abandoned buildings, the pleasant climate of these hillsides and the generous nature favored the installation of new inhabitants.

If they were able to buy a house, a barn, a ruin, to restore it, to enlarge it or to rebuilt it, in many other situations they have of to build their nest with their determination and enthusiasm, and the materials of nearness. Houses and different shelters as this type of construction at the same time precarious and elaborated which one can meet in these hillsides.

With a different way of life, an agriculture and a breeding more limited, some animals and gardens - biological obviously -, these neo-countrymen, numerous in some places, participate actively in the life of the mountain and assure the continuance of its populating.
****L'habitat construit par les néo-ruraux dans les pentes de trois de quelques soulanes principales****

Cabane en Biros
BIR valley
Houses of new rural people in the slope of three principal valleys

Maison en bellongue
BEL valley

Toit de cabane
ARIZE mountain

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