The autumn at the Polo and Martine's

This is not an exemplary architecture
No the architecture of the whole
Only of the savage

When one is a new farmer on a virgin ground, one needs shelters, for its goats, its horses, for its caravan, for the hay, wood, and for all materials to make again shelters...

What building technics? Stacking
A structure of chesnut tree, walls out of pallets, boards and others, a plastic sheet fly away, and above hay, straw, ferns... If the bache tears, that water re-enters, one gives another over, and still of the hay...

Polo's old hut eated by the vegetation
Martine and Polo like the nomadism on their ground
They lived a time a tipi, a yourte, on different sites
Polo militates for a ground and a roof for anyone - of the social relations and a solidarity-
Its ground and those acquired around accomodate the new ones come.

Currently it is a caravan for the night included in a hut made with straw

Polo and Martine

Yazid and Barbara lived a few years here. Their hut is free.

Richard came from Netherland with an ass and a mule seven years ago

Sam, Laure and their child have just arrived by roulotte. They build a bender for the winter
The hut of Jean-Claude

Spring 2004

To live 

outside in summer

inside in winter: house with earth on straw balls, insulation with sheep wool, earth and grass on the roof , solar electricity

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