The Cicada

We built a small house with untreated woods on a ground which a friend symbolically rents us (lease amphiteotic 90 years) without autorities permition.
The occasion or never to have something with us on a splendid ground, for little money, one could not say not.
Today our pretty project is threatened a little by the pressure of unexpected neighbors, it is a little depressing.
This improved hut is exposed south, it is made with Douglas and larch, on pile of posts EDF, and the roof is in shingles. All the windows and doors are reused but good, of which with double glazing.
Electricity will be solar, the toilets dry compostables, the worn water filtered by planted reeds. For the water we want to collect a source or to make a well later on and to recover rainwater too.
The superfice on the ground is of approximately 55m2 and a mezzanine of 36m2.
For the moment, all the framework, the roof, the external walls with doors and windows are completed. This work approximately cost 10000 euros.
From now on we wait until the storm passes and that the wind brings good news to us so that one can work again.


This morning, I discovered that a file on our construction was opened by the autorities! With photographs and all... They gave us 1 month for all to dismount... hard hard! If not there will be a gross (énormissime according to them) amends... Thus, as we are not rich, one will begin to dismount... the mayor which would have turned over his jacket, at least it is what one strongly suspects...
A dream, certainly a little insane, down... and it is always sad the dreams which are dead.
But there are others of them!!!
While waiting, we all will dismount with full of friends, making the act less sordid, making a worthy and a little merry if possible!
I would hold you with the current of the continuation of our projects because I would undoubtedly have questions.
Thank you and with soon


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