On the Quercy Plateau

A large calcareous plate covered of oaks which grow with difficulty in the search of water and ground,

arid causse but very used until the middle of the last century for many activities of breeding and agriculture then deserted

plateau gashed by the rivers which dug their beds by leaving cliffs against which hang beautiful villages

cazelle or gariotte: an architecture of dry stone domes typical of calcareous plateau
Touristic Quercy with the beautiful rural architecture
very required by a financially easy European population

therefore when a young person or less young person seeks to live in this country and to place themselves, it is difficult to find a hiring at the year, and for the purchase the least ruin is today at a dissuasive price and out of his possibilities

apart from a few summer months the villages are emptied, the schools are closed and the winter solidifies the plate

but not completely

houses using the cliff like back wall
When pieces of wooded grounds are put on sale, or a property which one can buy while grouping, for little that there are a possibility of water, permit building and (possibly) electricity, it is enough so that are born huts and houses. On the plateau also the photovoltaic cells are very much used for the electyricity. Veronique and Jose solved the problem of water by recovering the rain: their roofs lead to a cistern, water is then raised by a pump to water towers arranged in cliff, it goes down again under pressure by gravity while passing through filters (installation of photovoltaic cells will be increased soon to replace the power generating unit which supplies nothing any more but the pump). The surface water of the paths is also channeled towards tanks and is carried out to the kitchen garden: rainwater warmed by the sun = of beautiful vegetables with abundance.
They name Arnold, Pierrette, Kathie, Djingo, Bea, Christophe, Diara, Christelle, Patrick, Domenica, Alex, Manou, Florian, Olivier, Andreas;, Fred, Patrick, Jaco, Michel, Annie, Richard, Annie, Nath, Martine, Marc, Krikri, Kiki, Jean-Michel, Agnes, Pierrot
and I forget... much people, children and animation.
Some lived before as semi nomads, with camp-site bus or bus arranged, others on a boat. Much of them has an activity in the performing arts, one there meets the cores of the OBUBAMBULE, group playing theatre, music, spectacles of streets which these last summers went from village in village in roulottes drawn by horses.
We leave to their meeting

Nomad or sedentary?

Huts or houses?
Houses or huts?
Wiser houses?

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