The Camping

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A tipi coated with a net with sins which will support plants rimpantes and the small wind mill which feeds the street lighting... hum!

 A place occupied by ten people in small individual huts distributed around a common construction.

A site of experimentation of ecological techniques of construction using of healthy and inexpensive materials, the various and recycled récupérationd... but also the plastic bache under a vegetable coating.

A place of alternative life where each one follows its rhythm



various huts and shelters

this hut benefits from the hillock to recover in the ground the solar heat produced by the large sensor with air


son this frame, a vegetable cover; the sun floods the curved space through one developed of glazings of récup occulted the night by curtains


some parts out of cord wood

the floor lime like teddelak is a very pleasant



the covered straw of a ground coating is contituant it principal walls with tests of insulation in stems of sunflower

as a picture: a vision of the interior of the walls


straw of a wall retained by a net before coating


lthe hens do not scorn the vegetable covers: they can find their breakfast there  

A festival is organized each summer on the place to meet and exchange experiments  

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