Grouped cottages

To live becomes a luxury, reserved soon for an elite. Consequently let us consider the idea of an alternative according to the approach "simplicity-volunteer", that to live poetic cottages, reduced with essence. Let us add the concept of poetry, in order to avoid the drift excluding any aesthetic concept.
Since a few years already, germ in me an idea not so utopian that that, since it already exists, in fact with the "District of the Hut" in Leuwen the New one in Belgium *. It appeared besides there spontaneously under the initiative of students estimating that the prices of the residences of student were too high.
Of what does act it? Let us imagine the communes placing of the communal grounds at the disposal as that occurs to Leuwen the New one, via long beams or any other form of hiring. That would allow the construction of small sets of cottages gathered in paysagés districts and thus anticipativement to circumvent the flowering of shantytowns.
It and of course that this idea requires a framing including/understanding various coordinators, like a town planner, an architect, a welfare officer and I pass from there. That supposes also thereafter committees of districts, an internal minimum of organization, a payment of an interior nature.
It would be a question in other words of creating grouped habitats or écovillages, with the medical ones and infrastructure communes. For some a new manner to perhaps consider the life, made exchanges and of mutual aid. That supposes tolerance and respect and is probably not conceived without a return to the essential values. It is a manner of seeing its neighbors like springboards and not of the obstacles. That makes it possible to undertake with several what one would not have imagined to only undertake.
In short, an idea that I invite you to dig.
But perhaps will be necessary it to await a wave of saturation or an event of shock so that these initiatives develop.


Christian The Barn
Vévi Wéron 15 5100 Wépion Belgium


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