Huts of Occitania


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Livable hut or house, which differences?
In the commonly allowed hierarchy, not of problem: the hut is a kind frustrates, antiquated, poor, and the house an evolved/, current habitat.
But in an ecological vision, this hierarchy is completely reversed.


Cants it? A little claim in less, one bit of poetry moreover.

If a house is built while being essential on nature and sometimes against nature -, with materials torn off of the ground, triturated, transformed and transported by far, a hut forms part of nature, and uses materials of the immediate environment, biodegradable without harmful effect none for the environment.
A house is a place where to accumulate quantity of products for human consumption; it is hard to imagine a hut with integrated kitchen or leather living room.
Quickly built and inexpensive, the hut is not a good given in heritage and is not the subject of speculations. One can yield it or give up it.
It is related to not very concerned wandering civilizations of accumulation of goods and in contact with nature.

A hut? A little claim in less, one bit of poetry moreover.

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