Beautiful octagonal huts


A first hut, a unique space lived during the construction of the second hut

Integrated well into the vegetation

The well of central light

The space and the radiant structure of the skeleton
 A second hut, walls of bardage wood and overflowingroof, more spacious space

With a far sight on the undulations of hills

A central space limited by wooden partitions,

and surrounded with functional spaces, with dormitories in the floor
On the ground of the kitchen, glacis of earth and lime, an ornamental rosette
a lace curtain on an outside door

The space dining room

and that to cook the meals
Room of baths and toilet are outside

The hut of baths with a black pipe, a summer sun boiler (one another with wood warms the water in winter, we perceive the exit of smokes)

A bathtub and a shower decorated with pebbles and inlaid shells

A small construction in the nature for toilet with compost with its pipe of aeration

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