To build a Zome

  • *To make a model
    *To manufacture the structure
    *To prepare the ground
    *To assemble the structure
    *To cover the zome

JI propose you to build a zome 6
It is not too complex, not too big neither too smallt: a model to go in the Zomes universe
The method: classical
What to do with? a hut, a shelter, a small you see

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To build a model

This is a model that allows you
- to understand the volume and faces organisation
- to deside where to put the door and the glazings

Material necessary
What to draw and cut out
Strong or laminated paperboard of 3 mm
Of what scotcher

To trace on the paperboard 6 rhombuses of the type 1 (the most lengthened) and 6 rhombuses of the type 2
To also trace 6 pentagonal figures as drawn (walls)
To cut out
To join together by Scotch tape 6 rhombuses 1 as indicated then to assemble the edges a

One obtains like a cone: the top of the zome
To position and scotcher each rhombus 2 between 2 rhombuses 1: the cupola of the zome is obtained
To position and scotcher each wall between 2 rhombuses 2, and to connect them between them: the completed zome is obtained



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