A temple of the god CONCRETE




 In bottom: sizeable frontages of the arts centre

As it never occurs nothing there, one will be able to say that it is only one image there, decorations.  


  In front of him, the scene in the open air inspired with the ancient théatres, with this close acoustics east déguelasse there.

I say that y to have attended a concert, the group but was made excellent lamentable.

Thus still an image but which does not answer its function.  


  It is nevertheless a question for which I do not have an answer: why acoustics of the domes and the zomes which I attended (or of the Greek théatres) is also brilliant whereas the round public rooms that one built recently generally sound in a deplorable way?

Mystery. I think that one would not need large thing to improve them, initially to include/understand the round and to build them with a less square spirit.



    And still ahead this square with nobody, except some rebels who it night will refresh the feet in water of the fountain.

Still simple decorations, an overflowing of vegetation square in the posters presented at the population; one sees what it is, the concrete does not support the concurence.

Decorations because this place shelters a carpark in basement with places to be sold to the inhabitants of the district. But, to deaden all this concreting expenditure, the places are so expensive that people does not want any, the carpark is empty and the edge of the streets always also encumbered.


and if you are not affraid yet, one can see what it is surroundings. Concrete, I say


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