Ecofestival of Moisdon-the-River (the Atlantic Loire)

July 26-27, 2003

in some images


Many people, visitors and exhibitors in spite of the rain continue Saturday but Sunday that is well better        

 One spoke much about dry toilets (or with litter)

and of culture of spiruline

seen engines with the sunflower oil and still with water, yes that exists (80% of water 20% of fuel

    solar cookers

 or of the instigating polyhedric fountains  



workshop of woodcarving


in the shade of the stand archilibre for the meal


great parabola of the company Sunflower


it was also the festival for young and olders
 Festival organized by association Heol and Brigitte and Patrick Baronnet near their autonomous house. Visit it  

ARCHILIBRE: Reception / Menu